The Coal Prince®

Project Info:

Dark Holler Comics® is proud to announce an upcoming project, 'The Coal Prince'. The Coal Prince® is a story about a young boy from a coal camp in the heart of Appalachia that becomes a hero.

Appalachia needs heroes in media and pop culture. Major metropolitan areas are overrun with stories of heroic deeds. Their heroes save the world, save the universe. Appalachia needs a hero to save the world.

Stone, a young boy that discovers he has powers to manipulate time and see thru almost anything is able to save his father and 41 other coal miners from a mining disaster. After learning of his powers and the struggle to use them, Stone quickly realizes he is needed in multiple efforts. He is thrust in the middle of a geopolitical war in the homeland he loves, recruited by an alien to fight in a far off place, and deemed a Seer, a protector of reality. From epic battles to small town politics, Stone’s story spans space and time.

Project Details:

  • Publisher:Dark Holler Comics®
  • Industry:Comics and Graphic Novels
  • Contributors:Justin Hall, TBA
  • Launch Date:Late Spring 2022
  • URL:Learn More