How Blue Are You?

Project Info:

How Blue Are You? is a social network, fantasy sports app that doubles as a mobile game for the sabermetric aficionado. How Blue Are You? is the launch game based on STE (Stat Tracking Engine) built by Dark Holler GamesĀ©.

HBAY takes a deep dive at stat predicion and outcomes at the University of Kentucky. Players will create a Tailgate of other UK fans. Each gamen every player on the Tailgate will select from a range of stats for players and teams. Each stat recorded will be evaluated after the game. The real stats will show how well each player did and how many points they scored for their Tailgate. Tailgates can compete against other Tailgate teams to see who knows their sport and team the best.

The STE can be licensed to use for other collegiate or professional teams in any sport. The engine is also available for E-Sports and Political Races.

STE is available for basketball, baseball, softball, football, e-sports, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, and the lottery.

Project Details:

  • Company:Dark Holler GamesĀ©
  • Industry:Fantasy Sports, E-Sports
  • Launch Date:TBA