Bit Source

Project Info:

In 2015, two coal mining owners approached me about possibly teaching a coal miner to code. After many meetings and discussions our talks moved forward and they accepted my idea to create a Software Development company.

After purchasing a building and working with our local employment agencies we decided to launch Bit Source. We planned to hire 11 people that would transform their lives and become developers.

As the founding President and CTO I helped teach the coal miners how to code, but also lead the owners in building a tech company.

A lot of lessons were learned while attempting to launch a start up with a yet to be trained workforce in an unknown market. For me, it meant the culmination of a dream I had before I left my home in the mountains. In 2001 I pitched an idea to several local investors in Pikeville, KY. Almost fifteen years later the company I had envisioned was created.

Project Details: